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Doomsday takes the form of cute, innocent bunnies. The world was not ready for this insurmountable population of fluffballs. Many flee in fear as they ravage the lands that humanity once called home. However, not all hope is lost, you've thought of the greatest solution to this epidemic of cute and cuddly creatures. 


You've got enough fuel and fury to slaughter them before they can reproduce. You're not alone either, Uncle Jon is ready to slaughter some vermin and aid you in any way he can to increase your furball extermination efficacy.


  • Natural Selection (AI)
    • Bunnies search for carrots to satiate their hunger.
    • Bunnies will begin with randomized genes and search for mates to cross over and in some cases advance their traits.
    • These genes will eventually create new families of bunnies with various traits. Some bunny families will be quicker than others, but perhaps not be as fertile. 
    • These bunnies will look different depending on their biggest trait. 
    • Bunny Traits: 
      • Fertility: How likely the bunny is to be fertile. 
      • Speed: How fast the bunny is. 
      • Intelligence: How likely the bunny will change behaviors. 
      • Ear-size: How far the bunny can detect danger or carrots.
      • Growth Rate: How fast the bunny grows from birth to adulthood.
      • Food Consumption: How much food the bunny can eat. 
      • Pregnancy Duration: How long it takes to give birth.
    • Bunny Behaviors: 
      • Wander: Simply wandering around. 
      • Idle: Staying put. 
      • Mating: Search for a mate, and begin to mate. 
      • Forage: Search for food. 
      • Flee: Run away from danger.
  • 4 Separate Types of Upgrades.
  • Several Music Tracks.
  • One Farm Filled with Prey.
  • Hundreds Upon Thousands of Bunnies to Slaughter.


  • TheZBillDyl - Programmer
  • A.R. Mason - Programmer
  • Zaidis - Programmer
  • Jake - Artist

*(48 Hour Game Jam)*

Theme: Chain Reaction


NaturalSelectionWINDOWS.zip 80 MB
NaturalSelectionMAC.app.tar.gz 92 MB


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